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Watch Tamil movie online Ainthaam Padai. HD 2009 Tamil film Ainthaam Padai starring Madhan Bob, Sundar C and Devayani in lead roles. Ainthaam Padai (a gang of 5) Watch the full movie, Ainthaam Padai online, only on Eros Now. The film is about relationships between two families where hardships and affections are on the competencies.NLNLIt centers on five brothers: Elder one As the film moves ahead it unravels about enmity with other family where Devasena (Simran) is a pampered daughter. But Gunasekaran is kind enough in breaking the hardships and getting united by arranging nuptials for Devasena with his brother Karunakaran. However, Devasena mistakes Prabhakaran to be her bridegroom. When things are unraveled and Prabhakaran turns away from Devasena’s offer of marrying him, she vows to alienate him from his family by marrying Karunakaran.NLNLRest of the film is about the hand-in-hand combat between Prabhakaran and Devasena with each one moving around with their smart plans.

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